Steel Battery Unit24V350W-720W Capacity120/347VAC or 277VAC Input

The SLD series of commercial steel battery units is designed to provide efficient and reliable emergency lighting. Utilizing a sturdy, all steel housing, the SLD presents a modern and unobtrusive design. On higher capacity models, the cabinet front is sloped to allow better internal access and superior low angle light distribution.

The SLD can also accommodate a wide variety of options, including auto-testing self-diagnostics and remote testing.

  • Lamp heads include PAR18 small style and die cast metal MR16 type
  • 24VDC emergency power output versions (as specified)
  • Wattage capacities up to 720W
  • 30 Minutes emergency power duration standard

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  • Lamp Type / Light SourceLED, Quartz Halogen, Tungsten

  • MaterialSteel

  • Product TypeBattery Units