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David Nathaniel équipe exécutive Stanpro



David joined the executive team of the Canadian lighting company STANDARD PRODUCTS in 1982. He was then responsible for guiding it to become the second largest C&I lamp/ballast company in Canada and a Platinum winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies awards program. In addition, the businessman started Stanpro Lighting Systems Inc. in 1994. It was then a manufacturer of commercial and industrial luminaires. In 2019, he announced the merger of these two companies, for which he is responsible for all operations. His primary focus is on the strategic growth and development of the business to insure it provides the highest value to its customers and employees.

David has a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Concordia University in Montreal. He has been involved in the electrical industry for a long time and currently serves on the executive committee of EFC (Electro-Federation Canada). He is also executive vice-president of The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue in Montreal and sits on the finance committee of St-George’s School of Montreal where his four children are enrolled.

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
– Peter Drucker

Sam Rimoin équipe exécutive Stanpro



Sam Rimoin first started his career in the lighting industry as a part-time summer job in the late sixties. He was then working at his father’s emergency lighting company Red Comet.

In fact, Sam discovered early in life his passion for the lighting industry. He started working fulltime in the industry in 1977, when he joined Emergi-Lite, a member of the Kauffel group.

He progressed through the ranks from customer service to sales and was promoted to president in 1995. Furthermore, he remained president until the sale to Thomas and Betts in 1998.

After that, Sam stayed with Thomas and Betts until 2002 as vice-president of Commercial Lighting.

It was in November 2002 that Sam joined Stanpro executive team as president. A position he still has to this day. Based on his experience, Sam quickly understood the need to surround himself with the best people and to work passionately with his team to ensure the success of the company.

This philosophy has proven true as Stanpro has now grown to be one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. The lighting company is also one of the few remaining Canadian manufacturers truly assembling fixtures.

Those manufacturing capabilities helped with the strategic decision to merge both Standard products and Stanpro. As a result, the new entity now forms Canada’s largest lighting company. As the president of the newly formed company, there is no looking back. “I’m proud of what our team has accomplished and to know that my legacy will live on when I decide one day to retire”

When you surround yourself with the best in the industry you will be the best!

-Sam Rimoin

Robert Nadler équipe exécutive Stanpro


Executive Vice President

Rob has over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry. He started his career in customer service at Emergi-lite in 1996. Afterwards, he has worked his way into quotations, and then onto the road in sales.

It was in 2001 that he joined Stanpro as a sales representative. Shortly after, Rob also took on the inside sales team management and started to build the foundation for Stanpro’s upcoming expansion. At the time, he oversaw major implementation projects such as SAP & ISO, guided by his 360° vision of the business.

In 2006, Rob joined Stanpro executive team when he was named executive vice-president. Since then, he has used his strategic vision to help the company achieve its goals by seeking out seizing new opportunities. He is a team player and a great collaborator. Notably, he takes into consideration collective ideas in order to find the best solution to guarantee customer satisfaction, stimulate business growth, and create new opportunities.

Great ideas come from everywhere if you just listen and look for them. You never know who’s going to have a great idea.

-Sam Walton

Daniela Di-Pietro équipe exécutive Stanpro


Executive Vice President of Finance

Daniela Di Pietro has been working at Stanpro for more than 20 years. More precisely, she started to manage accounts receivable and payables in March 1995. Since then, she has moved into various roles over the years before joining Stanpro executive team as vice-president of finance. She is then responsible for overseeing and managing corporate finance, accounting, reporting, budgeting as well as controls.

Daniela has an accounting designation (CGA, CPA) and has been a member of the ‘‘Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec’’ (CPA) since 1998. She is also an active volunteer for her community in various sports organizations.

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.
-John Wooden

Pascal Auger équipe exécutive Stanpro


Vice President IT

Pascal Auger has been working with Stanpro since 2011. He came into the lighting industry with more than 20 years of IT experience in various sectors. Today, as the IT Director, Pascal is responsible for leading Stanpro’s technology strategy and managing the overall information technologies operations and services. His initiatives include improving service delivery by embracing effective and efficient uses of technology.

Pascal holds a Bachelor degree in economics as well as a software management certificate from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
-Albert Einstein

Jeff Beare Stanpro Canadian lighting company vice president of marketing


Vice President – Emergency Lighting

Jeff began his journey in the lighting industry at the age of 21. Passionate about the industry, he has worked for the biggest lighting companies in Canada. In fact, he climbed the ranks from sales representative, product manager, national sales director, marketing director, executive vice-president of marketing and finally to vice-president of emergency lighting.

Jeff joined Stanpro executive team in 2005. He is now an important asset as he keeps on inspiring employees and ensuring our clients receive the best service.

As vice-president of emergency lighting, he is responsible for developing brand and product differentiation within the organization to ensure we continue to be leaders in the Canadian emergency lighting market.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

-Richard Branson

Caroline Cyr

Vice-President of Operations

Caroline has been in the lighting business, working for Stanpro, since 2011. Coming from a marketing background, she moved up in the organization thanks to her dedication and strong leadership skills. After 5 years managing various product lines as a Product Manager, she took on a Director role in training and processes within the marketing team.

Within 2 years, Caroline was given the challenge to take on more responsibilities for business processes throughout the company and with this, helped oversee the SAP merger when Standard Products Inc. and Stanpro became one.

She joined the executive team as Vice-President of Operations at the beginning of 2022. She is in charge of overseeing the operations, structure, processes, improvements and strategies of the operational departments. More specifically, her role entails leading the production, warehouse, Production Planning & Label Room, Quality Control, Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement as well as Master Data teams.

Caroline has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Her experience in many areas of the business has allowed her to develop a wide and global vision of our operations.

“Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together.” Alan Mulally

Stephanie Bisaillon, leader human resources


Human Resources Director

Stephanie joined the Stanpro team in 2017 as a Human Resources Advisor. Over the years, she has been able to develop her great leadership capacities by establishing strong relationships with the various managers of the organization as well as demonstrating her business sense which allowed her to establish solid foundations and to be promoted as a human resources partner. Stephanie is recognized for her global strategic vision, her dynamic and committed spirit, and her great concern for people.

She then joined the executive team in 2020 as a Human Resources Leader and supports the human resources team in addition to the executive team. In her role, she ensures that employees are placed at the heart of organizational decisions, providing them with the tools and development opportunities while working to provide the best experience for everyone.

Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, is a member of the Ordre des Conseillers en Ressources Humaines Agréés and sits on the Women’s Network Committee of EFC (Electro-Federation) Quebec.

Adam Silverman

National Director of Sales

Adam Silverman began his career in 2009 as a Marketing Product Manager at Stanpro. During these years of experience in the lighting industry, he has played a major role in the field of sales and marketing, and he contributed to the overall growth of the company.

Today, Adam is the National Director of Sales at Stanpro.  Adam is responsible for the overall sales team, both factory and agent networks across the country, and creating and developing new business opportunities within the boundaries of established clients. He is also responsible for finding potential clients and opportunities by providing leadership and direction for business planning and the development of the company’s overall strategy. He identifies, develops and generates sales leads, and manages the sales process through collaboration with other departments within the company.

Adam has extensive knowledge of the Canadian market in both general and emergency lighting, and he has become a reliable pillar of support within the company. In addition, he actively participates in several industry-related events.

Adam considers himself an asset to the lighting industry and he continues to grow and learn to increase his impact.

“There are no secrets to Success.  It’s the result of preparation, hard work, & learning from failure.”  Colin Powell