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The role of photometry in a lighting layout

April 2018

Photometry aims to control light by establishing the amount and the quality of light rays, as well as devising new ways to control and aim them in a designated space.

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How to Save Money on Your Home Lighting Bill

September 2016

Upgrading your home’s lighting system is a simple and convenient way to help you significantly reduce your monthly household lighting expenditures. Read on to discover three easy steps to save money on your home lighting bill.

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LED lights: an economical and long-lasting solution

December 2017

Do you hesitate to replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs? Discover why converting to LED lights is both a durable and cost-effective solution.

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LED recessed downlights: too much of a good thing?

January 2018

David Nathaniel, CEO at STANDARD, gives his opinion about revolutionary LED Recessed Downlights and what we forgot along the way.

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Characteristics of parking lot lighting systems

January 2018

Whether we park our vehicles in a parking garage or in multi-level parking lots, lighting systems play a significant role in our experience. We are always pleased when the circulating through these spaces is easy and safe. Read on to learn more about parking lot lighting systems.

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Overview of the principles of lighting technology

May 2018

Lighting is a more complex process than we can imagine. Following are a few principles of lighting technology which will facilitate the installation of light systems that produce optimal visual acuity and create a pleasant atmosphere.

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