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July 2021

Why does retail lighting influence your customer experience?

Your customers’ buying approach is a true seduction game! Initially, you need to attract their attention. Then you must convince them to stay awhile by displaying your finest wares. The bottom line is quite simple: you want your store to be the one they chose, where they will linger for the longest time, and the place they return to eventually! So, what does lighting have to do with all this? A proper lighting system along with quality lights in shops and points of sale have a direct impact on customer experience as well as on the ambiance of a location! A customer’s buying journey can be enhanced with choice lighting whether to draw attention to your storefront or to invite customers inside your store. If yours is a clothing shop, even the lighting system of your fitting room can affect a potential consumer’s decision. Allow us now to guide you through the process of selecting your luminaries to improve customer experience in your store.


When a customer walks down a shopping thoroughfare or through a shopping centre, the first thing he will notice is your store frontage. It is critical that you select warm and welcoming lighting to attract him into your space. Use lighting sources that accentuate brightness; angle them on your storefront and display your most attractive products. This will catch the buyer’s attention and influence his decision either to enter your shop, or to move on!

Beloeil Sport Expert storefront facade lighted with Stanpro luminaires to improve the customer experience and attract people's eye


When potential customers come into your store, the lighting configuration you have selected can have a major impact on the ambiance you want to convey. It is therefore essential to create an atmosphere that harmoniously reflects the type of products you display or services you offer. Depending on your type of business, you might opt for a more elegant and informal mood. Luminaries with a streamlined design and a great lumen output may be the best choice. Our wide range of track lighting is the perfect example: it offers full scale lighting with a touch of elegance. The lighting layout we did for the La Salle La Baie project is a fine illustration of this lighting format! In the end, your decision will rest on the product or service you offer. You might favour a more personable atmosphere so that your customers feel more at ease. You may even select a brighter lighting system that calls attention to certain products for your potential customers. It will all depend on your needs and your objectives! And do not forget to pay close attention to your choice of color temperature ; it plays a key role in the ambiance you want to create.


When your customers begin to amble through your shop, you want to make sure they are inspired to browse through your aisles for a long time and that they find the product they need! Your well adapted lighting will guide them along the way. Take note of the multiple lighting styles and techniques that allow you to achieve the desired effect:

Ambient Lighting:

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination; it constitutes the main light source for your space. This lighting will be the base used to design your lighting system, and it sets the overall atmosphere of your retail location.

Accent Lighting:

You will use this type of light when looking to highlight any of your products or to light up specific zones, architectural details, a window, or a display; this way, you may aim your light fixture on those specific targets by using our track lights, LED tapes or under-cabinet lighting. This way, your customers’ eye will be attracted to these prominent zones!

Task Lighting:

Task lighting is most often used in areas that require more light, such as in spaces where specific tasks are performed; for example, sales counters, back stores and service counters, stockrooms, dressing rooms, or offices. You may opt for LED downlights in your dressing rooms to emphasize the area surrounding the mirror, for example.

Decorative Lighting:

This form of lighting puts the finishing touch to any space. You might install a fixture for purely aesthetic or ornamental reasons; if so, choose lamps, chandeliers, custom luminaries or wall sconces to reflect the style of your space, your furniture and even your brand!


In the end, one of your key objectives is to stay ahead of the game! How do you convince your customers to visit your store rather than another? Customer experience in your points of sale should be a major priority, and your lighting choices will certainly contribute to changing your customers’ mindset when they walk into your space.

You should also know that we have a wonderful team that is accustomed to working with designers, architects, engineers, electrical distributors, and end-users to help you select and tailor the ideal lighting system for your retail applications! Bring us your projects, and contact us to take full advantage of our expertise!


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