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June 2017

How warehouse lighting increases employee productivity

Your warehouse is the centre of your entire operation, the starting point for completing your projects and fulfilling your contracts. Consequently, effectiveness and efficiency are vital in the warehouse. It is up to your warehouse employees to guarantee its proper functioning, so it is important that they feel safe and productive. Having a good lighting system is the starting point for improving workplace safety and increasing employee productivity, not to mention saving on energy costs.

Improving safety and visibility

Poor lighting increases the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. This is even more evident in an environment like a warehouse. Workers handle heavy products and machinery and can easily misjudge the position, shape or speed of these objects in ill-lighted spaces.[/column]

LED technology significantly reduces these risks by providing brighter lighting, even in areas with high ceilings. Our high ceiling LED lights, for example, are designed for 18 to 60 inch (5.5 to 18.3 m) installation heights. Moreover, they maintain up to 95% of their initial lumens for 60,000 hours.

When comparing the output of an HID light source and an LED light source, we examine a number of factors, such as the life span of the light source, the lumen maintenance over time, as well as optical loss (specifically for the HID light source). Understand all the lumen factors to switch your lighting system wisely.

Stay cool

Fluctuations in temperature can have a significant impact on warehouse employee productivity and efficiency. On hot summer days, when the outside temperature is constantly rising, it is essential to stay cool inside. LED bulb emissions are up to 40 degrees cooler than those of conventional fluorescent bulbs. To save on your energy and cooling costs, start with areas at high heat risk and replace your traditional lighting system with LED fixtures that consume up to 77% less energy.

Indeed, lighting systems produce heat. They contribute to the heating process during winter months but can be harmful to air conditioning during the summer. This is what we call a “cross-effect”. It needs to be taken into consideration when computing energy savings.

Better health, better concentration, better morale

Improper lighting can cause eyestrain, poor posture, and headaches. This certainly does not improve your workers’ concentration and productivity! On the other hand, a bright workplace with crisp colours creates that “home away from home” feeling that creates a positive, productive environment. So help make your employees happier, increase their commitment to their jobs and, ultimately, increase their productivity. You can achieve all this by simply upgrading some lights. Isn’t that worth the investment?

Effective, efficient lighting in your warehouse enhances workplace safety, increases employee productivity, and saves on energy costs. It is an investment that will benefit your bottom line.

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