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June 2018

The role of Market Channel Manager at STANDARD

The missing link between sales and marketing

Since September 2017, STANDARD has evolved and restructured its organization. The Marketing structure was also revisited to offer a more personalized service to our customers, and a new role was created: that of Market Channel Manager (internally referred to as MCM).

The Market Channel Manager is responsible for identifying and delivering marketing strategies for a specific customer type: understanding the specific needs of the segment as well as building and implementing targeted programs and promotions to drive business performance. This role is often referred to as that of Segment Manager.

The Market Channel Manager aims to be the bridge that links the Sales and the Marketing departments together.

STANDARD’s two Market Channel Managers

Both Market Channel Managers transitioned into these roles from their established positions as Product Marketing Managers. Their background in products, their career paths at STANDARD and their industry knowledge are valued assets in their new roles that will positively benefit their development of marketing programs and partner relationships.

Dana Cairns

Market Channel Managers

Dana is the Market Channel Manager for both the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) channels, Her focus is dedicated to electrical and lighting distributors.

She boasts more than 5 years’ experience with STANDARD and has extensive product knowledge, as she was formerly Product Manager for traditional and LED indoor luminaires, ballasts and drivers. She understands every aspect of the business, thanks to her broad experience in the fields of sales, graphic design, retail and product procurement in the medical industry.

Marjorie Dionne-Sammut

Market Channel Managers

Marjorie is the Market Channel Manager appointed to the showrooms and retail channels.

She has an extensive understanding of the STANDARD structure, as she has worked with us for more than 10 years. She was the Product Manager for all traditional lamp technologies and traditional Recessed Fixtures as well as decorative LED lamps, specialized LED Downlights and LED accent lighting. Marjorie also brings insight into sales, business development and communications thanks to previous work experience.

In addition, Marjorie manages Regulatory Affairs for STANDARD, and is involved on industry committees and regulatory authorities. She is a reliable source of information when it comes to understanding the impact of regulations on business.

Your reference to grow your business

The Market Channel Managers are your reference if:

  • You are looking for a marketing support presence to participate in business activities such as trade shows, industry events, strategic meetings and company summits
  • You wish to strengthen your business relationship with STANDARD through strategic initiatives
  • You wish to develop tools and programs, and participate in joint activities, to promote the sales of STANDARD products

Reach out to your Lighting Specialist to learn more about what the Market Channel Managers can do for you.