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October 2017

STANDARD Sponsors IES-Montréal


From the time of its founding in 1989, IES-Montréal has enjoyed the sponsorship of a number of companies such as STANDARD. IES-Montréal is affiliated to the IESNA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote lighting expertise, advance the skills of its key stakeholders, and improve our lighting environment by articulating recommendation processes. The IESNA strives to ensure that Quebecers reap the benefits of an enhanced lighting environment through the dissemination of acquired scientific knowledge.

In its role as 4100K sponsor, STANDARD actively supports continuing education of lighting industry members in the Montréal area.

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IES hosts a succession of events that bring together and encourage the professional development of members of the lighting industry

  • This organization offers courses in lighting that include lecture courses and demonstrations spread over a 54-hour period as well as a 30-hour practice assignment. This training programme is endorsed by the Ordre des architects du Québec as well as the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.
  • The IES-Montréal Lunch Éclair (Eat ‘n Run) is an informal luncheon formula instituted by the organization that takes place six to eight times a year. On these occasions, speakers are invited to present the latest technological advances and emerging trends in the lighting industry.
  • Each year, IES-Montréal holds a golf tournament where artisans and industry stakeholders can meet.
  • The EP Event brings together all the new 2018 professionals of the lighting industry.
  • The Prix Lumière culminates the competition in which participants submit an indoor or outdoor lighting project along with an energy efficiency plan and/or a sustainable development plan as well as a lighting control formula. Winners are to be announced at the Prix Lumière gala.
  • IES-Montréal is also present at the Salon MCEE, the largest trade show of building, electricity and lighting systems in Canada that takes place in Montréal in spring.
  • The IESNA also offers free on-line conferences. Read all about topics of interest on the IES conference Webinar.

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