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April 2017

STANDARD celebrates its successes of 2016!

In 2016, STANDARD had a lot to celebrate: great projects, innovative product launches, financial growth, the launch of recycling initiatives, partnering with Habitat for Humanity and successful business partnerships. Indeed, STANDARD has a lot to celebrate. See our Corporate News section to read about these stories.

“Nothing would have been possible without the support, the help and the engagement of our teams: we owe everything to the great effort of our people. Thank you. ”
– Katy Shebath, Chief Administrative Officer.

Delivering on its business strategy requires great people who are bright, creative, and energetic, and who share common core values. At STANDARD, we win as a team and we achieve greater success when our people cooperate and work together. That is why this week was a celebration week in all our offices: celebrations lunches and champagne were offered to all teams across Canada.
Thank you to all the teams that make that success possible!

Port Coquitlam Office, BC

Mississauga Office, Ontario

Saint-Laurent Office, Quebec