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November 2016

STANDARD 2016 Donation Day

UPDATE: Thank you!

During 2016 STANDARD Donation Day, on December 7th, we’re proud to announce that we collected $65,985 to donate to various charities.

Donation Day is a special occasion to bring the team to work together for this special cause and make the difference. This is why on that day, many Sales reps came to give a hand in the warehouse to help process the orders and make this day a great success!

Donation Day in warehouse

From all of us at STANDARD, we wish you health and prosperity and thank you for making this day possible.

We are excited to announce that our 2016 Donation Day will take place on Wednesday, December 7th. Get ready to be involved in a great cause through your everyday actions!

Donation Day ate STANDARD

STANDARD has been actively involved in various national and regional community organizations through Donation Day, since 1999. It all started when one of our employees was diagnosed with breast cancer. We wanted to show our support by making a donation to support Cancer research and, from there it grew bigger and became Donation Day.

This year, on December 7th, a percentage of our sales will be remitted to several causes that are close to STANDARD’s heart such as hospitals, children’s charities, health related research for cancer, Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis, heart and stroke diseases, as well as organizations that support the less fortunate, the homeless and family support groups, etc. Since 2004, STANDARD has given more than $460,000.

Participating in improving the quality of life for people in need is part of the philosophy that is the foundation of STANDARD’s values. This is why, we are so proud to initiate such a great event that allows STANDARD and its customers to work together in helping the less fortunate.

We encourage our customers and employees to support this day and making it possible to contribute to those who need it the most.