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August 2021

How to Choose Economical, Efficient and Safe Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Choosing your outdoor lighting solutions carefully is essential to your safety and security. Proper exterior lighting, be it outside a building, an entrance, or a stairwell, is the best way to ensure safety around your property. Here are a few practical tips about various outdoor lighting systems and the best place to install them.


There is a constant daily flow of people in and out of residential buildings. A well-lit entrance creates a more secure environment for residents, workers and visitors alike, and ensures their safe passage throughout the building. Today, most lighting systems offer a wide assortment of designs and color finishes. You can select the style that is best suited to your décor.

First, you may want to install LED wall lighting fixtures to frame the entrance and illuminate the way to your building, at the end of the day. Some of our outdoor lighting solutions are equipped with an integrated photocell that enables lighting at nightfall. It will then create a safe and warm outdoor light, while achieving significant energy savings! This will also reduce your electricity bills! Some models are also available with adjustable power and/or color temperatures to easily adapt the light to your needs.

If you have a secondary entrance, you may also want to install LED security lights equipped with a motion sensor. This way, lights will go on only when motion is detected, which will surprise and discourage intruders who could try to get into your property.

Garage & Outdoor Light Fixtures

The garage entrance should have proper lighting to facilitate entry and egress, without the risk of accidents. This is a zone that is generally situated at some distance from the main entrance and therefore, has less foot traffic. So, to avoid excessive and purposeless lighting, why not install security lights with motion sensors; they are, once again, ideal and safe outdoor lighting solutions that are both practical and energy efficient.

For commercial and industrial applications, our under-canopy and garage lighting is also a great solution. Durable, efficient and suitable for wet locations, this LED luminaire is perfect for these outdoor spaces!

Stairways and Pathways that Lead Visitors to the Main Entrance

Stairways and pathways (some of these are often landscaped) require sufficient lighting to ease the way toward the main entrance of a building or a residence; at nighttime, both darkness and badly lit areas can be dangerous. Many options are therefore available to you! You could install bollards to the ground, all along the way to your entrance. You could also add area lighting that is either wall mounted or added on a pole to ensure a pleasant and safe passage through these areas.

Energy Efficient and Practical System

Round-the-clock lighting is useless and its energy consumption can be costly. To take full advantage of your lighting system when you need it most, and thus avoid excessive and expensive systems, why not look into the following gadgets:

  • Motion Sensor: Your lighting system will only be activated when movement is detected.
  • Photocell: Your lighting system adapts to the light of day. Artificial light will be activated only when the cell registers a decrease in natural light.
  • Programmer / timer: If you wish your lighting system to turn on at a pre-set time, without taking into account the amount of outdoor light fixtures or the amount of foot traffic, you might want to look into a programmer – timer for your lighting system.

Following are some areas where you might install motion sensors:

Last but not least, the light-emitting diode technology has given ample proof of its efficacy and superior lighting quality: its energy efficiency and durability have made it a hands-down choice that surpasses conventional lighting systems. LED lighting has a long life span; it helps to reduce your maintenance costs as well as your energy bill.