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February 2020

Our yearly wellness month is back!

Once again this year, we are celebrating the wellness month in February.


Throughout the month, various activities are organized to establish and support healthy lifestyles among our employees.

This month, they benefited from the following attentions:

  • Fruit baskets:
    • Nourishing fruit baskets were arranged near workstations to encourage employees to have a healthy snack!
  • Healthy snacks:
    • Every week, healthy snacks were offered to all employees across our different offices; veggies and dip, smoothie, sandwich, granolas and much more have been offered!
  • Health-related conferences:
    • Health-related conferences have been offered during lunch break to encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Healthy recipes
    • On a weekly basis, employees had the chance to share their favorite healthy recipe and have them sent in the official Wellness newsletter. An easy way to spice up their daily meals and stay healthy at the same time!
  • Hints and tips to improve the work environment:
    • Tips on how to keep a clean space were shared in a newsletter in order to enjoy a healthy work space.
  • Massages:
    • The employee’s favorite! 20-minutes chair-massages were offered to employees who had to register! No need to say that all spots were booked!
  • Yoga and meditation classes:
    • Yoga – 1 hour classes were offered for free during lunch break to re-inforce employee’s posture and get them to keep an active lifestyle. Vinyasa, flows and shavasanas for all!
    • Meditation – 1 hour classes were offered for free during lunch break to help employees take conscious of their space and guide them through a zen state of mind.

The well-being of our employees is important to us and we see a direct correlation between their state of mind and their productivity. The employees are very grateful for it!