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December 2019

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

Stanpro demonstrates leadership, commitment to action, and real-world social impact across its business. That is why we are proud to invest and report on our Corporate Social efforts.

In 2018, Stanpro was awarded the silver medal by EcoVadis as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility ratings.

Stanpro Initiatives

1) Environmental

At Stanpro, we take responsibility for the waste we produce in an effort to reduce our footprint on the environment year after year. Our goal is to become a leader in our industry in terms of sustainability. This is why we strive every year to improve in specific areas such as recycling, responsible waste disposal and the promotion of sustainable consumption. In 2017, Stanpro was the proud winner of the EFC Award in the Sustainability category.

For more information about our efforts in the field of sustainability, read Stanpro and its Sustainability Efforts and Our Environmental Policy.

2) People (Community, Employees’ Well-Being)

Stanpro cares deeply about the well-being of its people. Following are some of the initiatives that Stanpro has implemented to help balance personal and professional life:

  • Wellness month in February, including free massages, healthy recipes, etc.
  • Yoga classes at lunch time
  • Financial support for fitness
  • Stop smoking program
  • BBQs, lunch and parties for team building
  • Opportunity to work from home