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May 2016

Lighting your industrial style décor with personality

In recent years, the industrial style has been featured in every design and décor magazine. It’s a style that’s perfect for nostalgic types who love authentic décor with personality.

Incandescent filament lamps

A step back in time

Long before it was fashionable, the industrial style was the typical décor of factories and warehouses. Today, this trend takes us back to a time when machines were playing an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives and work. Life was tough and more basic. This is why industrial décor emphasizes the use of simple, raw materials that embody the style’s minimalist nature.

LED Filament lamp

The industrial style, wherever you want it

The industrial style is no longer reserved for hyper-trendy New York lofts. It can now be easily replicated anywhere! Give pride of place to shades of yellow, dark grey, black, or brick red. Feel free to marry wood, metal, concrete, leather, and iron — everything that evokes retro-chic. This is a golden opportunity to give back life (not to mention style) to Grandma’s old stuff that’s gathering dust in the attic. Whether in the living room, kitchen, dining room, or office, it’s the perfect style choice throughout the house, the office, the restaurant, the hotel… wherever you want to recreate this trendy style!

The crowning touch

To match the lighting in the room with your new style, install a Victorian style incandescent lamp in a transparent luminaire. And if you want a long lasting option, without sacrificing style, we now offer an LED Filament lamp. You can also just leave the bulb hanging from its wire so your guests can appreciate its unadorned beauty. The yellow light of the filament will complement your décor and add warmth to the room.

The industrial style is no longer reserved for yuppies and their urban lofts. Get out those antiques from the attic, add a coat of paint and a Victorian or Edison-style light bulb, and presto! You’ve brought an industrial ambience at very little cost.