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August 2018

Light Up Your Home: The Best Light for Every Room

Having the best light for each part of your home is essential whether its rooms are big or small. Each one serves a specific purpose and therefore requires specific lighting needs. As mentioned in our 3 Basic Types of Lighting blog article, lighting features need to correspond to the setting or application of a particular room. With the wide range of options available today, choosing which lamp best suits a room has become a real challenge. Find out what the best light for every room is.

What’s Available?

Lamp Basics

Here is a guideline for the best light for every room:


Since revamping the lighting system of a home garage is often challenging, it calls for lamps with a long life and minimum maintenance. CFL lamps will help you achieve these goals. Not only do they offer reduced maintenance and lamp-life maximization, they also help you save energy and increase light levels compared to traditional lamps.

CFL lamps provide adequate light for technical and detailed tasks, such as woodworking projects, car work, motorcycle work or boat work.

Dining Room

You can get really creative when it comes to lighting the dining room. You can choose to showcase your appetizers, your main course, and, of course, your dessert in the most extravagant way with fancy pendant lights or in the simplest way with table lamps.

We recommend you use incandescent lamps for your pendant light fixtures, or ambiance amber LED lamps for your table lamps, as they bring a warmer and more ambient light to the room.



Some consider the kitchen to be the heart of their home and therefore, the light it must be choose carefully to make it lively. Kitchen lighting can be divided into two levels: general lighting and task lighting. First, use LED downlights for general lighting and to combat glare as well as embarrassing shadows around the island or the kitchen sink. These lamps provide exceptional light output for a sophisticated and sleek design. Second, use LED tapes for task lighting at the countertops. Tapes help create an inviting atmosphere and add a touch of refinement to every kitchen style.

Living Room

The living room is often the place of choice when it comes to friends’ gatherings, movie nights and relaxing evenings. Incandescent lamps are reliable, economical and easy to use.

Their sparkling brightness and brilliance will help you create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your living room. Plus, they are becoming increasingly popular for interior design.


Your bedroom should be a place of serenity where you can decompress and forget about your day. Natural daylight can do that for you and you should choose a light reproducing it for this area of your home.

Halogen lamps create the closest approximation of natural day light with their crisp white light. These lamps are also designed to provide long life and constant lumen maintenance in comparison to traditional lamps.


Hot date? Big interview? Important meeting? Getting ready can sometimes be stressful. Bathroom lighting should not only provide proper light for grooming and applying make-up, but it should also bring you some kind of peace.

Bathrooms are often the darkest room in your house, with little to no natural light. By using LED lamps with a cool white light, you will be able to imitate natural light and illuminate your bathroom adequately.

Lamp Basics