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February 2019

UL certification and LED Lamps

UL certification and LED lamps are used to make an enlighten decision and choose the right product for your applications. The UL organization actively participates in national and international standards development. Their experts assess product safety at manufacturing facilities around the world throughout the life of a product. Let’s learn more about UL certifications and LED Lamps.

Here are some clarifications about UL certifications and how they apply to STANDARD’s LED lamp selection.


All LED lamps, whether they work of the existing ballast (ballast compatible) or on direct line voltage (ballast bypass) are certified under the UL1993 standard. UL1993 standard covers all self-ballasted, light-emitting-diode type lamps certified for Canada

These devices are intended for use:

These devices are not intended for use with emergency exit fixtures or emergency exit lights.


All LED lamps that work on direct line voltage (ballast bypass) will also be certified under the UL1598C standard in addition to the UL1993 standard certification.

  • UL1598C covers light emitting diode luminaire retrofit kits certified for Canada intended for field installation in existing certified, installed luminaires
  • UL1598C does not cover LED products intended for direct replacement without the need for modification, rewiring or component replacement in the luminaire

How can I identify UL certified product?

UL certification logo

Products certified under the UL1598C standard bear the UL Classified logo.

The small “C” in the UL certification icon stands for certified for Canada and the small “US” stands for certified for the United States.


What is an LED Luminaire Retrofit Kit?

It consists of:

  • An LED light source
  • Installation instructions
  • A luminaire markings label
  • Where appropriate, it also includes subassemblies (i.e., driver or other parts) and / or assembly aids (to facilitate installation)

How can I ensure that my modified fixture can maintain its UL certification?

Retrofit kits have been investigated to determine that, when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, they do not adversely affect the operation of the fixture.

How can someone know if a fixture has been modified?

A fixture that has been modified can no longer accept non-LED lamps. This fixture has a label provided by the retrofit kit manufacturer affixed to the luminaire (visible during relamping) that indicates the luminaire has been modified and can no longer operate the originally intended lamp(s).

With which fixtures is my LED luminaire Retrofit Kit compatible?

The retrofit kits may be intended for:

  • Specific fixture models identified in the kit installation instructions
  • One or more generic-type fixtures that meet specific criteria identified in the installation kit instructions

Information extracted from UL website.