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November 2021

Katy’s Donation Day 2021

The name may sound familiar. This year, we celebrate the 2021 Edition of Katy’s Donation Day! The event will be held on Wednesday, December 1st.

What Is Katy’s Donation Day?

It is a truly special day that commemorates Katy Shebath, the deceased sister of our CEO, David Nathaniel. During this day, a percentage of all orders placed is redistributed to various Canadian charitable organizations. It was Katy’s wish that we should come together to give back to the people and thus, remain committed to supporting our community.

Maintaining a Tradition

The objective of this annual donation day was defined by Katy herself in 1999. Since that time, more than 100 organizations have benefited from sizeable donations. More than $950,000 have been raised and redistributed to various charitable agencies throughout the country.

The 2021 Objective: Contribute to a Community Afflicted by the Pandemic

Charitable organizations are struggling now more than ever, especially owing to the COVID pandemic that has impacted us so deeply. To remain true to its vision, which is that of an integrated and empathetic corporate leader that takes care of its team members, its business partners as well as the community to which it belongs, and that supports them all, Stanpro hopes to exceed the results of past years.

Generous Partners

Everyone is stepping up: staff members, clients, and senior officers! The success of this event rests foremost on the commitment of Stanpro’s partners. It all begins with the unrivalled support of clients who wait patiently to place a certain number of orders to ensure they are recorded within the framework of the event; employees and executives alike are then put to work packing the numerous orders with a smile on their faces, of course!

Give back to the Canadian community!

Place your orders on December 1st 2021!

Once again, this year, for Katy’s Donation Day 2021, we thank you for your support and generous contributions!

Together, we can make a difference one order at a time, one donation at a time!