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April 2016

LED lighting to improve in-store merchandise visibility

Lighting can either be your best ally or your worst enemy when it comes to your store marketability. Indeed, a well-established lighting plan can increase your in-store sales by up to 20%. That’s why STANDARD recommends the use of LED technology for successful and efficient merchandise visibility.

“However small an object, there’s always lighting that can make it bigger”
— Denis Guedj, French writer

Peak Intensity

LED lamps offer high luminous intensity and stability upon start-up. This means that you can adjust the brightness as desired without having to worry about flickering or light alterations. Your products can now have all the attention they deserve.

Lighting and merchandise visibility

Adaptable light

LED is still too often associated with cold and unstylish light. Technology has come a long way since then! Today, there’s a wide range of models that diffuse a gentle and inviting light comparable to conventional incandescent bulbs. You can now select your lighting based on the ambience that best suits your store, all while reducing maintenance costs.

Practical and economical solution

LED lighting products are designed to last longer, requiring less maintenance. Their rated life is three times longer than conventional fluorescent tubes, even in commercial use. Thus, by using LED technology, you will make a profitable investment, purchasing fewer lamps and replacing them less often. Install LED lamps and improve your merchandise visibility within your store.

Savings bonus

This new technology consumes 15% less energy in the heat than its traditional lighting counterparts, so you’re also saving on air-conditioning costs!

Since the ’90s, LED technology has never stop revolutionizing the lighting market: cost savings, convenient, eco-friendly… Its qualities never cease to amaze users.

Install LED lamps or luminaires and improve your in-store merchandise visibility while saving money! To have more information on our LED solutions, visit our LED lamps page.