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October 2016

Habitat for Humanity Family Enters New Home

Maurice, Lucie and their five children received the keys to their new Habitat for Humanity home on Thursday, October 20th in an atmosphere of sheer joy, despite the rain.

New Build for a Montréal Family

The happy family of Maurice, Lucie and their five children will soon move in to its new house in the St-Henri ward of Montréal. Previously, the family was living in very unsanitary and overcrowded conditions in a low-income three-room apartment. The duplex, presently in the last phases of construction, will contain six bedrooms: a master bedroom and a room for each of the children. Talk about transforming a lifestyle!

Habitat for humanity family

“This house is a miracle! A gift that will allow us to change our lives.”
Maurice, new homeowner

“A heartfelt Thank You! There are not enough words to thank the STANDARD team that has invested in this project. For you, it’s simply a matter of a few hours’ investment. For us, this is truly a life-changing experience. We could not dream of anything better! Thank you.”
Lucie and Maurice

Their son, Noah, feels that his new home is “like a friend that will protect us against hard times for a long while to com”. For Maurice, this house represents the opportunity to invest in his children’s future; allow them to go to university, and one day, become homeowners themselves. This could only have happened with the support of Habitat for Humanity. This is the 14th build for Habitat for Humanity, Québec chapter and the 19th build in the province, overall.

STANDARD is deeply proud to have contributed to the happiness and well-being of this courageous and deserving family, and to have invested itself in the community.