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February 2022

February wellness month 2022

Every year at Stanpro, the month of February is marked as Wellness Month. A well-established yearly tradition, Wellness Month has continued to offer a relaxing and informative escape to employees in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting to the current reality.

Throughout the month, various activities and workshops are organized to promote well-being in all its forms.

An outstanding organization

It is the dedicated employees of the human resources department who develop the game plan and organize all the initiatives that take place in February. Hats off to a team that brought Wellness Month to a close.

“It is important for us to encourage our employees to develop healthy lifestyle habits! Well-being month is an opportunity to show our employees that this balance is essential and that it is essential to integrate it into our daily lives. Through this initiative, we want to highlight how much they are important to us and that their health is important while rewarding them for their work.” said Marie-Michelle Bonin, Human Resources Business Partner

Special logistics

This year, with work from home being obligatory, the events took place mainly online, which required some special logistics.

In total, 8 conferences on topics such as personal finance, healthy lifestyles and mental health were available online to all employees.

Moreover, an active mind is a happy mind, so get your yoga mats, get set, and go! 4 yoga classes and 4 meditation classes were also offered online to employees.

So there were activities for everyone!

The final surprise

To close Wellness Month, a package was delivered to the home of each of our employees as a thank you! A little comforting sweetness in the form of coffee, hot chocolate and a stylish reusable cup was offered.

In short, all these attentions have only one ultimate goal: Foster an environment where well-being reigns!

A big thank you to the human resources department for the organization and the success of the event once again! We also want to extend a huge thank you to the employees who participated in the various activities offered! After all, they are the heart of Stanpro’s success!