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February 2016

February is Wellness Month at STANDARD

Once again, STANDARD was excited to dedicate an entire month to WELLNESS! Being active, eating healthy, taking time out with friends, or simply taking time out for yourself are all ways in which you can increase your quality and longevity of life.

Below is a list of activities that were available to all employees throughout the month of February:

Massages: One of the classics of Wellness month is the chair massage: we offer a 15 minute stress relieving massage.

Yoga and Zumba classes:
– Yoga will help you stretch and relax.
– You can dance your worries away by joining our Zumba classes.

A Nutri-Cabinet: A cabinet full of healthy and nutritional snacks to boost your energy or satisfy those munchies cravings.

Tea Time: More and more research claims that drinking tea offers many benefits that can lead to a healthier and longer life, be it beautiful skin or the remarkable healing properties of this beverage.

Smoothie Bar:
Get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables in our delicious smoothie served every week!

A full programme designed to promote healthy habits in our daily lives, as well as many other activities and surprises happened throughout February!

Thanks again for your great participation and we hope that this Wellness Month was the first of many other!