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September 2020

Demystifying Eco Fees and the Impact of Mercury-Based Lamps on the Environment

Did you know that some types of lamps contain mercury? Such is the case of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Unfortunately, when we discard these bulbs and tubes incorrectly, the impact on the environment can be significant.

To reduce their harmful effects, responsible elimination and lamps recycling are of utmost importance. These actions also enable us to salvage components such as glass and metal in these lighting products. This is the recommendation made by the Canadian government, as explained on their website. Now, let’s demystify eco fees for mercury-based lamps!

A Valuable Partnership

Over the last few years, we have maintained a partnership with Product Care with a view to respecting the regulations in effect in Québec. We cooperate with this organization to ensure responsible recycling of our products and to offer a simple solution for our clients!

This organization is known as RecycFluo in Québec. It is a non-profit group that offers a free recycling service to consumers as well as companies throughout the province. There are over 400 disposal sites in various areas of Québec. Among the particular products affected by this programme, we note the following products:

Lamp recycling sign with green arrows

How does it work?

You might ask how an organization such as this one can offer this type of free service to consumers and companies alike? The answer to that question is that you pay lamps Eco fees, when you purchase a bulb or a tube, that help finance this program.

How do these eco fees work?

Lamps Eco fees are calculated based on the type of bulb and its size. For instance, the Eco fee for a 2-foot (or less) fluorescent tube stands at approximately 0.30¢ per unit. This fee is tagged on to the sale price of the tube and later remitted to the program by Product Care members. It is in all your best interest to take advantage of this recycling service! Simply bring your obsolete or burned out lamps to the disposal site that is closest to you.

Pick-Up Service for Companies

Group of disposed mercury-based lamps and tubes

In case you should need to recycle or dispose of larger quantities, such as a pallet or more, you can call Product Care: 1-888-860-1654.

They will arrange a free pick-up. It’s as simple as that!

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