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November 2020

COVID-19: How can lighting products improve safety?

In response to COVID-19, Stanpro is developing products to improve safety in your living space as well as your work environment.

In an effort to offer safe and secure environments to its community, Stanpro has examined the issue at hand and revised its array of products in order to offer its clients specially designed lighting solutions that respond to needs associated with COVID-19.

Personalized LED Panels

L3PNC LED panels are versatile; they provide a constant light source for all types of commercial applications and can easily be adapted to a personalized lighting sign.

4 Simple Steps

  1. Pick the panel size (1×4, 2×2 or 2×4);
  2. Select the mounting type, i.e., vertical or horizontal;
  3. Choose the visual component that suits your needs from our collection or personalize your panel with your own visual feature;
  4. Your LED panel is ready to install!
LED Panels Personalized

Social Distancing Signs

Our social distancing signs are compatible with our RMS and RMXL products. They are intended to visibly display social distancing rules dictated by the government. Thanks to these signs, you can rest assured that your employees and clients alike will respect these rules. Moreover, you will be offering them a safer environment.

Choice of 3 Visuals and 2 Types of Signs

  1. Select one of the following 3 visuals;
  2. Select the sign that suits your needs.

Social distancing signs visuals offered

Social distancing signs

Germicidal UVC Lamps

Germicidal UVC Lamp

Germicidal UVC lamps shine an ultraviolet light that can destroy harmful airborne bacteria, mould spores, and viruses; for instance, these lamps can be used to disinfect your environment.

Examine our selection of compatible UVC lamps and ballasts.

In conclusion, take all precautionary measures to protect your environment, your employees and your clients by opting for Stanpro COVID-19 lighting products: they will make your life easier!

Consult our flyer for more information.