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In this document, Stanpro (also referred to as Vendor) refers to Standard Products Inc., the legal owner of the subject B2B (Business-to-Business) website and supplier/vendor of products to the Customer. Customer refers to any entity doing business with the Vendor and listed as a sold-to party in the current business transactions environment of the Vendor.

Each customer shall receive, in electronic and/or paper format, a User Guide with instructions on performing the most common browsing procedures and transactions on the B2B website.

The orders placed on Stanpro’s B2B website are subject to the same terms and conditions as all other orders placed by traditional and usual means of communication (i.e. fax, email, EDI etc.).

The information available on Stanpro’s B2B website contains confidential Customer specific information (i.e. Customer pricing from the Vendor, current and historical contractual and transactional information). As a result, the access to the B2B website is permissible with a valid User ID and Password only.

Please fill in the following information and click “SUBMIT” to submit your request to Stanpro’s IT department. For security reasons as wells as to avoid duplicate account creations we ask that only the owner or branch/store manager submits the access request form.

  • General Information

  • ¹ The information for customer’s main contact is mandatory. Given the fact that the name and email address of all B2B users are important pieces of information in order to secure and maintain the access to the B2B website, only corporate email addresses are accepted. We cannot use e-mail addresses from domains such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo, shaw, videotron etc. Each user from the same customer must have his (her) own User ID and password. All requests for user access will be validated by the branch/store manager.
  • ¹ Default user access: all users mentioned below will have access to product details/specs and stock/availability.