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January 2021

4 questions to find the perfect downlight for your lighting needs!

Downlights are widely used in the lighting industry. Whether it’s a business, a residential setting or a new construction project, these luminaires provide general lighting with a discreet design while offering several options to meet the specific needs of each space. Thanks to LED technology, they are also an energy efficient lighting solution. Now, here are 4 questions you must ask yourself to find the perfect downlight!

1. What type of room are you lighting?

First of all, you have to establish the type of room that you’re going to light. This will allow you to determine the specifications of the downlight you need. Is this a commercial project or a residential application? Are there any high ceilings? What is your most important criteria and are you looking for a specific characteristic? These questions will guide you through our wide choice of downlights, whether they are our most economical choices, our mid-range solutions or our spec-driven products!

white and blue office with a computer and a desk lighted by the perfect downlights with the right features for this type of room

2. How is your space going to be used?

Then, you need to decide what kind of mood you want to create for each space. Depending on the room’s usage, the choice of color temperature will determine the mood. So, if you want to design a hotel entrance, maybe you’ll choose a warm white light around 3000K to accommodate your guests. On the opposite, you may choose 4000K white light, which is brighter and mimics natural light, to create a stimulating and dynamic environment in commercial buildings filled with offices. Read our blog article on this topic for more information!

For commercial and industrial applications, other questions should be asked in order to determine the specific characteristics required to get the perfect downlight for your spaces! When it comes to businesses, the concept of CRI is important to highlight your products colors. To make an informed choice, check out our article on this topic!

Another element to consider when showcasing products or architectural details from your spaces are adjustable downlights to direct the light source where you want it.

Stanpro also offers the possibility to ‘made to order’ some products to meet your lighting needs. In that case, you will be able to choose some features mentioned above such as CRI, color temperature or beam angles. Contact our sales team for more information!

3. Are you using downlights in a particular environment?

Some environments require certified products or special features to ensure the proper functioning of your lighting. If you need to use downlights in wet or damp areas, be sure to locate our icons indicating which products can be used in this type of environment. In the case of a new construction that requires energy efficient products, we suggest our Energy Star certified recessed fixtures. These certifications are a guarantee of performance and reliability!

downlights specifications represented by icons

4. Why switch to CCT & power selectable downlights?

We are now offering more and more CCT and/or power selectable downlights! Why? This option simply makes distributors and contractors life easier! Thanks to a simple switch located at the back of the LED module, you can change the color temperature and power according to the needs of your customers. Adjustable downlights are therefore versatile and allow you to reduce your stock while offering a wide range of possibilities.

If CCT & power selectable downlights are loved by distributors and contractors, they are also liked by individuals! If you are about to buy fixtures to upgrade your current home or to install in a new building, you will appreciate adjustable downlights. They allow you to change the color temperature of your luminaire, even after installation. If you change your mind, it is very easy to modify your light to a colder or warmer color according to your needs.

For designers, architects or engineers working on projects… Don’t worry! Several downlights are also available in single CCT & power, to meet all lighting needs.