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September 2023

2023 Electro-Federation Canada Scholarship

Ascot Capital Group, Stanpro’s corporate seat, is delighted to announce the continuation of its longstanding tradition. For the sixth consecutive year, we are proud to extend our support through the Electro-Federation Canada scholarship program.

In order to qualify for this prestigious scholarship opportunity, student applicants are required to meet specific criteria that align with the vibrant electrical industry. The eligibility criteria are as follows: Applicants should be engaged in post-secondary studies, focusing on disciplines that pave the way for careers within the electrical domain. This includes fields such as electrical engineering, electrical technology, electricity-related techniques, industrial distribution, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, management and operations, logistics, or information technology.

Furthermore, we are pleased to offer a scholarship valued at $3,500, made possible by Ascot Capital Group. This scholarship is open to Canadian university or college students who have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess. Candidates with an outstanding academic record will be considered. Eligible students should have successfully completed a minimum of two years in a business management or business program.

Our commitment to supporting the future leaders of the electrical industry remains unwavering. We are excited to provide this opportunity to deserving students once again, fostering excellence and innovation in the field.

This year’s successful recipient of the Ascot Excellence Scholarship is Amna Sheikh, a student at the University of Calgary, Alberta. Amna is currently completing a combined degree in electrical engineering and commerce. Through her studies, she hopes to gain the technical and interpersonal skills that will allow her to pursue a career in her chosen field and one day make a meaningful contribution. Receiving this scholarship reaffirms her commitment to this ambition.

“Your commitment to supporting students resonates with me, as I too believe education should be supported, and academic excellence recognized. This scholarship will make a significant difference in my academic journey and allow me to take advantage of the diverse experiences offered by my university in the fields of electrical engineering and business analytics.”

“I am grateful for your support, and I hope to use this scholarship to continue my journey of excellence and make a positive impact in my community and beyond. Thank you once again for this opportunity to continue pursuing my dreams.”

Stanpro and Ascot are proud to support the next generation of workers in the electrical industry such as Amna!

More information on EFC’s Excellence Scholarship Program can be found here.

Dear students, we look forward to seeing you next year!

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