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November 2021

2021 Electro-Federation Canada scholarship

Once again, this year, Ascot Capital Group, the corporate seat of Stanpro, took part in the 2021 Electro-Federation Canada scholarship programme.

To be eligible, candidates must meet specific criteria whose main purpose is to promote the electrical industry profession. In this regard, students must pursue post-secondary studies in a discipline leading to a career in the electrical industry such as, for instance, electrical engineering, electrical technology, or a technique in the field of electricity, industrial distribution, sales, or marketing, finance, human resources, management and operations, logistics or information technology.

The scholarship, sponsored by Ascot Capital Group, in the amount of $3,500 is offered to a Canadian university or college-level student with an exemplary academic record. Admissible students must have completed at least two years of a business management or commerce programme; they must have achieved at least an 80% average grade.

Nicole Griffo, Assistant Director of Sales for Stanpro, Ontario, proudly awarded the 2021 Electro-Federation Canada Scholarship by Ascot to Michelle Chatalov, resident of Vaughan, Ontario and student at Ryerson University, in Toronto. Michelle undertakes her final year of studies in the field of industrial management, specializing in business law and human resource management.

2021 Electro-Federation Canada Scholarship

For Michelle, this scholarship is great honour and validates all the efforts she has made in the course of her studies:

“I am grateful to all the donors who graciously finance these scholarships for students and are specifically intended for students who from traditionally underprivileged backgrounds. I am paying for my university education, so this generosity will certainly alleviate my financial burden in the coming year; it will allow me to concentrate on my studies as well as extracurricular activities, to take advantage of student activities, and participate in conferences and search for employment opportunities.”

Stanpro is proud to support the upcoming generation of electrical industry professionals such as Michelle Chatalov!

Stay tuned for further details concerning the next group of scholarship recipients for 2022.

You will find more information on this link: https://www.electrofed.com/fr/about/2021-efc-scholarship-program/

We look forward to seeing next year’s students!