Kim, Kevin and their five children were handed the keys to their new home in Ormstown on September 28, 2017 in an atmosphere of happiness and excitement.

The STANDARD team contributed a day’s work assisting the family build its house as part of the Habitat for Humanity Build Day. See photos of this memorable day on STANDARD’s Website under the heading STANDARD Takes Part in Building a Brighter Community in Canada.

“This house is not a gift, it’s life-changing. I have no words to say how much my family and I are grateful for this home. I always thought that owning a house would only be a dream, but today it is a reality. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.” The family.

A day to remember

Habitat for humanity family and STANDARD

Kim, Kevin and their five children, Kiara (13), Christian (8), Anthony (7), Clifford (5), and Lillianna (4), love making T-shirts. It’s become a traditional family affair that offers them an opportunity to celebrate life’s milestone moments such as the first day of school, or the beginning of summer holidays. For this memorable day, Kim created a t-shirt for the family; in front, you can read “Thanks to you we have a house of our own and a place to call home.” And in the back, you can see roots to symbolize the roots the family will develop in the Ormstown community.

Their home

What makes this project unique is that it exemplifies an exceptional partnership between the Ormstown municipality, its schools and local businesses. This house is literally the result of a community working together to help and support a family in need. And this family is gladly returning the favor by expressing the wish to set down roots and establishing itself in its new community.

Family history

After having left Châteauguay four years ago with their reconstituted family, Kim and Kevin lived for a time in housing accommodations that were ill-kept by the owner of the building. It got to a point where they feared for the health and well-being of their children. When their eldest daughter Kiara returned from school one day with a brochure describing the Habitat for Humanity project in cooperation with the New Frontiers school board, Kim allowed herself to fantasize … Believing that her family would never meet the selection criteria, she shoved the paper at the back of a drawer.

Many months later, while viewing a video on Facebook describing the Our House project, Kim allowed herself to dream once again about a better life for her children. This time, she filled out the application and sent it in.

When Habitat for Humanity contacted the family, Kim and Kevin danced for joy in their garden, celebrating the beginning of an amazing adventure.

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