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May 2019

Winners At EFC’s 2018 Corporate Engagement Award

Stanpro was recently recognized for its outstanding contributions to Electro Federation Canada (EFC) and the overall global industry with EFC’s 2018 Corporate Engagement Award.

From left to right, Steven Fauteux, Kim Quelch, Daniela Di Pietro, Zane Yakiwchuk, David Nathaniel, Kelly Hanson, Pierre Vincent and Jason Prevost. They represented STANDARD at the annual EFC conference in Vancouver in May.

Stanpro is very proud to dedicate its efforts and resources into making the electrical industry and EFC influential groups, by creating events and opportunities where their members can meet and grow on a professional and personal level. Stanpro is an organization that puts its people first and encourages active participation in the industry through its social, economic and environmental activities and we, at Stanpro, are very pleased to be recognized as such by our peers in the electrical industry through this EFC Award.

We were nominated for

  • The active participation of our members on the boards and in the committees of EFC in 2017, namely:
    • David Nathaniel, our CEO, has served 2 terms on the Board of Directors of EFC and is the current Chair of the National Advisory Council of EFC. He will also join EFC’s Executive Board.
    • Marjorie Dionne-Sammut, Market Channel Manager and Regulatory Affairs Manager, is an active member of the Lighting Section for governmental regulations with EFC. She also participates there in discussions on industry matters as a Stanpro representative.
  • Stanpro ensures member participation in and sponsorship of EFC events (holiday parties, conferences, etc.). We also host events to promote EFC’s causes such as the Dine and Donate BBQ and Dale Carnegie Training Sessions through the YPN.
  • We have participated in the EFC Scholarship Program for the past 8 years with the Stanpro Recognition of Excellence Award.

Congratulations to the whole Stanpro team for your contribution!