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October 2017

Our Sustainability Efforts

At STANDARD, we take responsibility for the waste we produce, in an effort to reduce our footprint on the environment year after year. Our goal is to become a leader in our industry in terms of sustainability this is why we strive every year to improve in specific areas such as recycling, responsible disposal and the promotion of sustainable consumption.

1. Recycling, Reduce and Reuse Program

This program is in effect in our office facilities throughout Canada:

  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic (various grades), batteries, wood, plastic bottles and aluminum
  • Recycling of confidential company documents
  • Recycling of defective materials
  • Recycling of IT equipment and cartridges
  • Recycling of our lamps through LightRecycle
  • Reduction of waste destined for the landfill
  • Reduction of printing and printer points in our offices
  • Reduction of document dispatch through the mail, thus reducing transport
  • Reduction of energy consumption through lighting upgrades and the use of controls
  • Reuse of boxes in all three warehouses
  • Purchase of used boxes

How to recycle at the office

2. Responsible Disposal

  • In accordance with regional by-laws (BC, ON & QC)
  • Printed instructions on the disposal of products that contain hazardous substances (mercury)

How to Safely Recycle your Lighting Products

3. Promotion of Sustainable Consumption

  • Implementation of scanning services to cut down on the use of paper
  • Implementation of online catalog
  • Implementation of order online
  • Implementation of electronic billing through EDI
  • Implementation of intranet to share updated information with our employees
  • Implementation of electronic newsletter for employees
  • Provision of eco-friendly printed materials
  • Provision of products that bear an eco-label (UL environment, Energy Star & DLC)

Our efforts are paying off!

Thanks to everyone’s input at STANDARD, we saved in 2016:

Eco-conscious efforts from STANDARD