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Yale Properties Canada is a property management company that oversees the general maintenance of several commercial buildings in Montreal. This well-established firm has delegated Stanpro to modernize the lighting systems of its spaces.

In many Yale Properties buildings, the lighting systems of offices, common areas and parking garages are equipped with T8 fluorescent tubes that use 32 watts. Stanpro recommended that the company replace that classic technology with LED lights that draw only 13 watts.

The mathematical result in energy savings for this company is a no-brainer! Following are a few statistics for one of the projects:

  • Return on investment after 5 years*: 401.44%
  • Investment recovery time*: 1 year
  • Energy saving 43%*
  • Hydro-Québec will offer financial assistance to the tune of 17%.
    *Taking cross effect into account.

This property management firm trusted Stanpro to modernize the lighting systems of its premises.


Cosmetic Improvement

In addition to replacing fluorescent tubes, Stanpro also proceeded to improve lighting systems in a number of lobbies of various downtown buildings. Over the years, traditional recessed fixtures had been maintained by way of a simple lamp replacement: lighting had become inconsistent and colour temperatures differed from one area to the other. In one building, the marble walls appeared yellowish and their lustre was faded.

Stanpro suggested that management replace the recessed fixtures across the board with contemporary commercial recessed LED luminaires . With this change, the buildings’ luminosity level was improved, and it helped enhance the beauty of the building lobbies.

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