Stanpro worked in close collaboration with Viandex Inc. to revamp the lighting system of the company’s warehouse in the Québec region.

To begin with, Stanpro recommended HO T5 lamps after having examined the company’s lighting requirements with a view to installing the appropriate number of fixtures for a designated sector of the warehouse. This approach enabled Stanpro to comply with its client’s budget, and proceed to a gradual replacement of traditional T12 fluorescent lamps with new T5 fluorescent lamps.

The client is so pleased with the results that it intends to upgrade its lighting system throughout all areas of its warehouse as well as in its retail space.

And so the project moves forward: Stanpro is now installing 32 vapor tight LED fixtures in the Viandex freezers; it is also replacing the T12 fluorescent lamps. A brand new set of fixtures was set into a bank of lighting receptacles that was recently added following a display refit.

We, at Standard, supply state-of-the-art lighting technology that meets ever-expanding commercial needs while prioritizing energy efficiency.