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Valley Trading Company is a Canadian & Toy Wholesaler. Its warehouse, located in Ottawa, needed to renew its lighting to improve the light levels, and reduce maintenance and energy consumption costs of the facility.

Stanpro recommended changing the 400 Watt metal halide highbays and the T12 fluorescent tubes (in strip fixtures) to their LED equivalents. This simple change of tubes allowed for a drastic light increase in the warehouse.
In addition to reducing visual fatigue, the switch to LED allows 68 % energy savings; plus, a rebate from Hydro One allowed for a lower investment to achieve the project. Stanpro’s teams filled out all the appropriate documents to make sure that Valley Trading Company received the rebates to which it was entitled.

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”The information on the boxes is really small. Before, it was impossible to read it with the light we had; now, it’s way better! I feel much less tired at the end of my days.”