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This convent is a religious community in Ontario that needed a lighting upgrade: fluorescent tubes and incandescent lamps were replaced with their LED equivalents.

The gymnasium is still lit with the original luminaires dating back to the fifties: the 300-watt incandescent lamps were replaced with 22-watt High Intensity LED lamps . The traditional look of the space remains intact, but the lighting is very much improved. The turn-on time is much shorter; the light is more constant and visibility levels have increased.

All Common Areas
All fluorescent tubes in common areas of the building were replaced with their LED equivalent: T12 lamps that consume 40 watts were replaced with LED T8 tubes that consume only 32 watts.

Because the ceiling is higher in this space, the fluorescent fixtures were replaced with LED panels to ease maintenance work. Lighting in the cafeteria is now modern and consistent.

Energy Savings and Utility Rebates

These changes increased the light levels throughout the facility while reducing energy consumption by up to 37%.
Estimated public utility rebates to modernize the lighting system will likely cover almost the entire investment, including a recovery time of 0.29 years.