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The Municipal Garage of the City of Saint-Eustache, located on boulevard Industriel, was in serious need of a lighting overhaul: traditional luminaries were no longer providing quality lighting required by municipal workers in this space.

Stanpro recommended a simple replacement solution to improve efficiency of the installation’s lighting system.


The 24 metal halide luminaires that use up to 400 watts were replaced with LPHBB Series LED high bay luminaires. Thanks to the flat streamlined design of these luminaries, light can be focused where it is most needed, thus eliminating the risk of wasted energy that might result from the use of traditional metal halide lamps.

In addition to increasing the luminosity of the garage space, LED technology luminaries consume 60% less energy than other metal halide lamps. Moreover, these lamps can provide more than 200,000 hours of quality lighting before losing their brightness. And Stanpro offers a 7-year warranty in this product.


Besides offering brighter luminosity, this replacement solution also ensures a reduction in energy and maintenance costs for the City of Saint-Eustache.