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The administrators of Northwest Acura in Calgary wanted to upgrade their lighting system to improve the light output and reduce their energy consumption. Stanpro’s lighting specialist recommended a solution for each area of the facility.


This is the area where automobiles need to look their best to attract customers and highlight the products; the traditional 2” x 2” fluorescent troffer fixtures were replaced with equivalent LED Panels .

Stanpro recommended a solution for each area of the facility to improve light output and reduce energy consumption of the car dealership.


Car Wash

In the car wash area, Stanpro’s lighting specialist suggested a lighting upgrade: replace the traditional 400-watt Metal halide luminaires with 200-watt LED High Bar Bell Shape luminaires. To increase the lighting output, the specialist recommended the installation of luminaires without a lens. As this area is wet and humid, this specific product was the perfect solution as it is rated IP65.


Garage and Working Area

When considering the type of work carried out in this space, all luminaires installed must be vapor-tight, water and dust-resistant; that is why the Stanpro specialist also recommended the installation of the IP65 LED High Bay Bell Shape luminaire without a lens.

Building Surroundings and Parking Lot

Is it important for a car dealership to have a well-lit parking lot to highlight the cars, but also to increase safety, and reduce the risk of vandalism.

In the outdoor areas, the building was lit with classic Wall Packs; these were replaced with LED Wall Packs that consume 30 watts.

In the parking lot, the 450-watt Metal Halide Floods were replaced with 220-watt LED Flood lights .