Medicom is an entrepreneurially -driven, global health care company founded in 1988. The company moved into new warehouse facilities in Montreal in 2017 and proceeded to refurbish the space, which included revamping and re-fitting the entire lighting system.

Indoor Space

The warehouse interior was completely redesigned to meet the needs of the company. Traditional metal halide High Bay luminaires that use 458 watts were replaced with LED ECO High Bays – LHBE Series that use only 321 watts.

Our project team designs your lighting layouts and submits a competitive estimate in order to optimize the performance your lighting system while reducing your costs and increasing your energy savings. The warehouse interior was completely redesigned, thus reducing the need for artificial light by 30% and increasing the input of natural light.

In addition to refurbishing the ceiling lighting system was modernized, the peripheral lighting layout was also revisited. Slim Wall Packs that use only 40 watts are fitted with adjustable 90-degree tilt, so they also help illuminate the warehouse aisles and peripheral areas.

“Lighting is bright and consistent in the warehouse; there are no more dark spaces!”


Outdoor lighting systems were also refurbished: traditional metal halide projectors with mounting brackets were replaced by their LED equivalents while traditional wall luminaires were replaced with LED classic equivalents.


Financial Support

A remodeling project of this magnitude was given a helping hand by Hydro-Québec who contributed 13% of the company’s initial investment.