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All through the summer of 2015, the Marriott Fairfield Inn underwent an overall lighting design facelift of its exterior lobby that utterly transformed the look of this space.

For many years, guests of the Marriott had been greeted under the cover of ancient tinted halogen lighting. Metal halide technology has a very short life span and the ballasts were constantly burning out. As it was usually quite costly and somewhat difficult to change the hall lights, it became more cost effective to wait for many lights to burn out before undertaking repairs.

Thus, guests at the Inn did not enjoy the best customer experience, and the hotel appeared in poor light indeed!

The Stanpro Terralux LED lighting system considerably altered the look of the Inn by modernizing its lighting system. Today, Marriott Fairfield welcomes its guests with soft harmonized white lighting.

Maintenance costs have also been significantly lowered: a LED bulb will last ten times longer than the standard halogen light; moreover, energy savings are 75% greater than they were in the past.