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Stanpro is working in close collaboration with the Marriott Courtyard Hotel at Place Robert-Joncas in an effort to optimize this establishment’s lighting system. All traditional lights are being replaced with LED lights.

At the hotel’s reception desk as well as in all its dining rooms, technicians have replaced existing MR16 halogen lights with LED lights as well as Omni 9.5 lights equipped with a dimming feature. Installing this system gives the staff greater flexibility when looking to adapt the lighting in the client reception area. In addition, the 3,000 K colour temperature disperses a bright and steady luminescence that creates an inviting atmosphere, conducive to relaxation.

Outdoor fixtures have been replaced with Terralux lights that use less than half the lighting power of a similar device. The Terralux lifespan extends up to 60,000 hours and they provide excellent illumination that will require no maintenance for years to come. This is an ideal approach for the hotel who would like to reduce its maintenance costs to a minimum.

The hotel stairwells are now equipped with LED lights. This is another area where Stanpro enabled the hotel to reduce its maintenance costs without sacrificing the quality of its lighting feature.

Additionally, the pool enclosure is now illuminated with 8 slim line universal light fixtures that have an 80-watt power output, which brightens the pool area and enlarges the overall space. Visitors and staff alike admit to feeling more secure.

We, at Stanpro, strive to listen attentively to both our internal and external clients in order to better understand them and anticipate their needs. We exceed expectations and go beyond peoples’ requirements.