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This Honda car dealership in Chicoutimi underwent a complete lighting facelift in order to modernize its facility and create a new lighting design that serves to highlight the dealership’s showroom cars.

Lighting in a car dealership needs to be at optimal brilliance to showcase each and every vehicle on the floor, to create a cohesive flow in all areas of the facility, and enable the mechanics to work in a well-lit environment. To read more about the recommended lighting systems in car dealerships, read Lighting Challenges for Car Dealerships.

”It really feels good to work in a bright,well lit environment.” Stated one of the garage mechanics.


In the garage, technicians installed LED ECO High Bay of the LHBE series to ensure general lighting in the work space. Moreover, they complemented this lighting arrangement by adding L2LSS series LED Strip Lights on the garage ceiling perimeter to maximize lighting as well as to eliminate shadow areas as much as possible. The result is both clear and bright.

Outdoor Parking Facility

Lighting was also revamped in the outdoor parking area using 380 watt LED projectors mounted on the facility’s original round posts. They were fitted with spherical joints to aim the light beam and thus eliminate shadow areas. In the beginning, the parking area had been lit with metal halide fixtures that consume 1 000 watts. Needless to say, this modernization greatly improves the dealership’s energy consumption savings: in the range of 263%!

Car Wash

Water shoots out from all sides in this space. It was therefore essential that the lighting system produce adequate luminosity, but that it be protected from splashing water. Lighting specialists recommended installing vapor-tight fixtures as well as LED Bell Shape High Bay. The periphery is fitted with sealed seam as well as reinforced pressure fasteners. They are thus protected against dust and water jets from all sides.