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Johnson GEO CENTRE is a geological interpretation centre in Newfoundland in which 85% of the building is underground. This means that there is no natural light to highlight the geological exhibits within the centre.

Lighting experts suggested a lighting solution to enhance the existing lighting and allow for energy savings in the centre by updating the traditional lighting technology using LED equivalents.

  • Incandescent lamps and CFLs were replaced with LED PAR30, MR16, PL and Omni lamps
  • Fluorescent T12s were replaced with LED T8 and T8 Safety Max lamps

The interpretive panels are as visible as before; the level of lighting is the same as before the update; however, there are now fewer fixtures. The visitor’s experience in the centre remains unchanged, while the maintenance and the energy consumption have been reduced.

As for the administrators of the facilities, they were happy with the recommendation that took into consideration their need for a seamless change of light level and the installation an energy efficient system.