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Administrators and the maintenance staff of Place Laurier in Québec City wanted to modernize indoor parking entrance lighting of the Place Laurier shopping centre. They looked to Stanpro for a solution.

Previously, parking entrances were lit with dated T12 fluorescent lamps that used 400 watts, and spread a lackluster, yellowish tint.

Stanpro suggested a more contemporary, solid, energy-friendly lighting system that was also neater: triple-protection 4,000 K LED lights that used only 92 watts.

The director of maintenance is especially pleased with the result: ”Actually, it looks really good! The lighting is whiter, more appealing, and it fits so well onto the columns.”

  • Energy efficient: As it uses LED technology, the energy consumption is now less than 77%; this is a major point, as the parking facility is lit 24/7.
  • Solid: This system is also strong (IK10 et IP66 ); it can withstand collisions, dust and water blasts. This is an ideal solution that allows the luminaires to withstand shocks in the parking facility; they are also easier to clean.
  • A more modern look: With its sleek, streamlined shape, this luminaire fits neatly onto the columns, thus creating a modern, elegant eye catching look for shopping centre clients using the parking facility.