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The administrator of this office rental facility is gradually renovating the spaces between tenants, including an upgrade of the lighting system.


The hall and lobby were revamped in a trendy style and an up-to-date design. The traditional pot lights were replaced with downlight retrofits. Lighting is soft, diffused, and in keeping with the style of the area.

Office space

In the office space, the traditional fluorescent fixtures were kept, but the T12 tubes were replaced with LED T8 lamps: the look remains the same, and lighting is smooth and consistent. This change will reduce maintenance, as the LED tubes have a longer lifespan.


All the PAR20 lamps were also replaced with LED equivalents, in the same color temperature as the tube, thus creating constant lighting throughout the space.



To light the exterior of the building at night, the traditional lighting system was replaced with LED equivalents:

  • The classic 250-watt Metal Halide wall packs were replaced with 60- watt Classic LED wall packs.
  • The 70-watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) wall packs were replaced with 12 Watt Slim wall packs.

The new lighting system covers most of the parking lot area. The increased lumen output allowed the owner to save on the lighting layout, as it was not necessary to add a poll light to light up the parking lot.