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The Honco Soccer Complex in Lévis, QC is an ultra-modern sports arena which desperately needed a lighting revamp. The administrators hoped that improving of the facility’s lighting system would result in energy savings.

When the Lévis Honco Soccer Complex opened its doors in 2007, individual sports stations were lit with T8 fluorescent lamps. As this Complex is very popular –Québec City has only 4 stadiums of this type – it was important to convert the existing lighting to a more efficient system, as this Complex is open to the public 16 hours a day.

Administrators of the sports facility called on Stanpro to revamp its lighting system. We proposed a simple solution: replace existing T8 fluorescent lamps with LED technology. This practical, efficient formula resulted in a substantial reduction of energy while improving the brightness of this highly patronized sports facility.

The Honco Soccer Complex needed an overhaul of its lighting system in order to cut down on energy costs and improve lighting in each sports station.