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This branch of the hockey emporium known as l’Entrepôt du Hockey had recently renewed its lease for another 5-year period in the city of Chicoutimi when its administrator contacted Stanpro.

In as much as this branch was expected to remain in its present location for 5 more years, its manager felt it was time to overhaul the facility’s lighting system and in so doing, save on energy consumption. Above all, he felt it was important to see a return on his investment (ROI) during the term of his lease. We suggested a solution that offered a recovery time extending over a period of 3.61 years*. Thus, the manager would see a 38.46% return on the emporium’s investment over this 5-year period.

The manager of this branch of l’Entrepôt du Hockey was thrilled with the improved brightness created by this lighting system installation. He was  especially pleased to note that this entire renovation addressed his original need to see the original investment pay off during the term of his lease.

In the high ceiling spaces, traditional 454-watt metal halide luminaires were replaced with ECO (LHBE Series) high bay luminaires with a 160-watt output.

Elsewhere in the boutique where the ceiling height is lower, traditional fluorescent (F32T8) luminaires were replaced with LED panels that use much less watts.

*Taking the cross-effect into account