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This high-end multi-residential building located in downtown Vancouver needed to change its downlights in the main entrance. The fixtures in the 10-year old building were no longer providing an efficient amount of light.

The spacious lobby adorned with marble walls has a 30-foot (9.1-meter) ceiling and was lit with 28 high-pressure sodium 10-inch (254 mm) cane-recessed fixtures that consume 150 watts. Because of the ceiling’s exceptional height, the fixtures weren’t diffusing the amount of light required for the sizeable lobby; only 30 foot candles were measured on the floor, and so it created a yellowish colour that wasn’t attuned to the high end ambiance of the building: in fact, the marble looked old and pinkish.

Furthermore, the maintenance of the lighting system had become a serious issue: the ceiling is so high that the maintenance crew had to wait for a number of fixtures to burn out before replacing them. Meanwhile, the light was even dimmer and so lights kept flickering.

Stanpro offered to remove the old fixtures and replace them with the LED Terralux Retrofit Solutions that consume under half the power of old technologies; they also deliver a colour quality that is greater than 80 CRI and a lifetime longer than 60,000 hours, which represents a significant maintenance costs savings. The quality of the light has completely changed the look of the lobby; the marble looks stylish with touches of silver and gold.