Stanpro has significantly upgraded the lighting of the back parking lot of Hardman Group facility in Moncton by installing 120W Classic Wall Packs.

The Hardman Group is a property management company that works in the Maritimes, covering New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia territories. Hardman Group is always striving to improve the quality of its facilities and fix what could be problematic for its tenants.


On a Moncton property, they faced an issue where one of their buildings was improperly lit outside. The building, which hosts offices in the front and loading docks and parking spaces in the back, was only lit on the front and on the side walls, leaving the rear part completely in the dark.


The lighting fixtures they originally had at the back of the building were inappropriate and not allowing any work to be done when darkness would fall.
Standard Stanpro has been mandated with providing 120W Classic Wall Packs to improve the lighting in the designated area. Twelve fixtures have been required to transform the back of the building from a pitch black parking lot to an illuminated workspace. The managers of the property have decided to keep the old fixtures in place for cosmetic effect.

Final result

The parking lot at the rear of the building is now properly lit allowing work at night and it also provides additional security by lighting where trucks may stay parked with merchandise overnight without fear of theft or vandalism.

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