FRE Composites was established in 1958. The company specializes in the manufacturing of industrial reinforced fiberglass. In an effort to realize energy savings and enhance lighting levels throughout the installations, company managers asked Stanpro to revamp their lighting system.


In the plant itself, T5 fluorescent high bay luminaires were replaced with safety-coated LED Safety Max lamps (25.5 watts).



Throughout the offices, T12 fluorescent tubes that consume 24 watts were replaced with LED T8 lamps that use no more than 17 watts.



Outside the FRE Composites installations, all traditional flood lights were removed; they were replaced with their LED-technology counterparts, thus replacing 400 watts with 200 watts, 1,000 watts with 200 watts, and 400 watts with 160 watts of energy.

Nowadays, the parking lot is brightly lit at night! It is easy to distinguish the building in the dark, and employees can circulate more readily on the premises.