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The Jonquière, Québec car dealership Étoile Dodge wanted to upgrade its showroom lighting system in order to show its array of vehicles in the best possible light and cut down on its maintenance costs.

The showroom was equipped with recessed metal halide luminaires, a lighting technology that does not age gracefully: its effectiveness was deteriorating and its upkeep was becoming costlier.

The transformation is remarkable: ”It’s unbelievable! We can even see the change from outside the dealership! The colours of the cars on display are much brighter!” declared one of our lighting specialists.

Stanpro recommended that the dealership replace the system with LED recessed fixtures from the VELOCE series, an ideal substitute for the existing framework: exceptional luminosity; equipped with a baffle that helps to regulate lighting and modulate the glare effect. Moreover, with a CRI (colour rendering index) of 90, the lighting quality of this recessed LED system is second to none in the Canadian market. Look at our blog article “Select Lighting to Enhance the True Colours of your Store Merchandise” to have more information on that topic.

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