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In 2017, the Salon Espace K hairdressing salon inaugurated a new wing of its premises situated on Rue Pierre-Caisse in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. This new wing housed a cosmetic care space as well as a barber stylist facility. Salon administrators asked Stanpro to partner with them in this lighting conversion of their installation.

Previously, the lighting system had inadequate colour rendering and its illumination level was quite low.

Stanpro recommended an effective solution to brighten the hairdressing salon’s lighting with the installation of full-spectrum fluorescent tubes with a CRI of 92 to facilitate the hair colourists’ work at Salon K.
Stanpro also dotted the ceiling with several LED accent light sources such as T8 LED, GU10 LED, MR16 LED and PAR38 LEDs.

This newly revamped lighting arrangement significantly raised the illumination level of this establishment; in addition, it more than doubled the number of food-candles, from 30 to 70.

Hairdressers had difficulty recognizing hair colour; moreover, they had trouble distinguishing blond and copper highlights.