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CRS Crane Systems designs, produces, installs and services overhead bridge cranes for various industries. The company’s office and warehouse, located in Edmonton, were in need of a lighting upgrade.

Office Area

The office space was lit with 2’ x 4’ and 1’ x 4’ T12 fluorescent fixtures. Over time, the light had faded and yellowed.

Stanpro’s lighting specialist recommended that management revamp the lighting system with 4000K LED Panels. A total of 52 2’x4’ fixtures and 13 1’x4’ fixtures were installed. These panels are lightweight and have a multi voltage capability, making them easy to install. This lighting system also qualified for the Alberta Rebate program, making them very cost efficient as well.

Alberta’s utility services offer significant rebates in lighting projects, which can add up to about 30% of the initial project investment.

The eye fatigue is reduced significantly; I have less headaches than before and that’s a bonus! These changes were very welcomed by Crane Systems employees. 


Warehouse and Working Area – Phase 2

In a second phase, the facility’s manager is looking to upgrade upgrade the lighting system of both the warehouse and working area. Currently, these spaces are equipped with traditional Metal Halide High Bay Luminaires, which consume 400 watts each. Stanpro has many energy-saving LED alternatives to suits Crane Systems’ needs: the equivalent of their current products is LED High Bay Bell Shape Luminaires – LPHBB Series.